• Windows 10 UI

    From Nightfox@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Wednesday, April 05, 2017 09:52:00
    I'm just curious what people think of the Windows 10 user interface? Personally I think it's a bit ugly. I thought Windows 8 and 8.1 were ugly too, and Windows 10 is a small step up since some of the icons were changed, but IMO I think it's still ugly. I think it looks very flat and 2-dimensional, with too much use of black/grey and white. Non-Microsoft apps are a little better with their use of color, but the overall interface still looks very flat and 2-dimensional. I think Windows 7 looked better - Even if you disabled Aero (to get the more classic Windows-style interface), I think it looked better than Windows 10. I'm using Windows 10 on my main PC and laptop at home, but I'm using Stardock's Object Desktop (mainly WindowBlinds and IconPackager) to make Windows 10 look better. I just don't like paying a subscription for software, but I suppose Object Desktop doesn't cost a whole lot ($50 for a year subscription) - and I don't even think you need to always renew it to keep using the software; you just won't get updates if you don't renew it.


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