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    On Sat, 5 Dec 2020 02:11:36 -0000 (UTC), Lewis wrote:

    Do you mean to say "FUD bullshit I made up"? Because otherwise, you will
    need to cite something to back up your "understanding" because you have
    a proven track record of making shit up.

    To any adults on this newsgroup,

    Notice the _only_ person who posted an _adult_ query was JF Mezei
    o JF Mezei is, understandably, concerned at how easy this hack was

    One bug, and the entire iOS device was open to the world.
    o Worse, it's a common bug - which is a "buffer overflow"

    Who knew it was so trivial to pwn any iPhone you want
    o With a wormable zero click exploit, no less.

    Remember, in the Google blog, the guy says, literally, & I quote:
    o "Can it really be this easy?"

    And yes, it was that easy.
    o No wonder hackers _stopped_ accepting iOS zero-day flaws already

    There are just too many of them in the wild already.

    He basically said Apple has never tested this code
    o Much of which is core iOS code dating back to 1985 (he said)

    Didn't this Lewis moron even _read_ the Google blog before denying facts?
    o Why are these Type III apologists all so consistently Quadrant 1 DK?

    Alan Baker, Lewis, Jolly Roger, Joerg Lorenz, BK, Chris, et al.
    o They're all shockingly confident in their own sordid sea of ignorance

    Didn't _anyone_ in this entire newsgroup even _read_ the Google report?
    o It basically assesses this was so simple - many similar flaws must exist.
    Read the report before you claim that this is "no big deal" please.
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